The Topcon RS is almost a forgotten Topcon camera. At the time is was taken in to production, Topcon and Toshiba finisched the project on the throu the lens light meter, and the RE SUper was ready to be introduced on teh market.

The Topcon RS signifies however the birth of the characteristic Topcon design with it typical “square or brick like” features that would last almost until the end of the Topcon camera production. Topcon was seeking to replace the Topcon R with an up to date SRL system camera. Whilst the Topcon R=III was in production many developments were on the go. Together with Toshiba Topcon engineers were developing a through the lens light-meter camera system. Next to this one was developing out from the F-auto Topcor lens an improved lens series that eventually could be connected up with the cameras TTL system. Topcon was seeking to replace the Topcon R with an up to date srl system camera model.

Just before the TTL was ready the Topcon RS was taken into production. But very soon after the TTL system was ready, and teh production of the RS ceased to make headway for the Re Super, and teh RE Auto Topcor lens series.
Looking at the Topcon RS we find the camera which by it looks and internal design shaped the personality of the Topcon camera: High standards regarding quality , durability and ergonomic usage married with the “brickshape” design. In fact soem parts of this this model continued to be used within the Re super, the Super D and Super Dm. And as for the RE auto Topcor lens mount this stayed until the last Topcon camera (RM300) presented itself with a Pentax K mount.

Although not much were produced of the Topcon RS, also all accessory was renewed including an external light-meter. However as it very quickly was followed up by the RE super almost all of the new system line is perceived to be connected up with the first TLL SRL : the Topcon Re Super. This camera became therefor a true collector item.

Note: The Topcon RS appeared on te market with a H F auto lens, very simular to the RE Auto Topcor. These H F Topcor lenses (58mm, 35mm, 100mm the later two seems more akin to the F auto topcor lens series). This lens series seems very rare, and most likely not many appeared on teh european market. (see web site Topcon club for more detailed information and pictures). Some sourse connect the F-Auto Topcor series als to the Topcon RS. Within the collection both RS bodies, were mounted with an early version of the RE Auto Topcor lenses, one has been replaced due to damage on the front element with a later version. Logic prevails as the RS is not a TLL camera that originally F auto topcor and HF auto Topcor were the designated lens series for this camera.