The Super Dm is the culmination of the “Topcon SRL” developed out from teh Topcon RS and RE super. Yet It appeared on a time when more and more electroncal functions show up in the SRL camera. Topcons answer to the viewer in which more and more electornal information was displayed was the Optcal CC veiwer, which relayed the lens diaphragma setting via the pentaprism into the viewer. De Super Dm was also made fit for the new auto winder Topcon had develeoped.
In 1973 also a new series of standard lenses appeared the RE GN Topcor. With thse lenses the flash light GN setting could be fixed on the Lens. Teh focal lenght was reduced to 50mm and both an 1:4 and a 1:8 was catered for. The RE Topcor lens serie (soon to appear but mostly connected up to the the RM200 release would in future time forsee in other focal lenghts. The Super Dm was also delivered to teh US navy, with a normal pentaprism. Here also RE Topcor (new) lenses were delivered to.