Intended as the relacement series for the RE Auto Topcor lenses. In 1974 the RE (new) Topcor lens series appeared on the market. Its said that others firms were involved with the assembly and production of these lenses, and although optically very Topcon alike, the meachnical construction seem a bit less akin to the Topcon standards. Hoewever some of the lenses also were supplied to the US Navy. With the Super Dm the RE GN Topcor lens alreaddy appeared (a 50mm 1:1,4 and a 50mm 1:1,8), in its design one find already simularities with the new Topcor lens series. With the appearence of the RE200 and RE300 the RE Topcor became the last Topcor series ever to be made with the particular Topcon Exacta Mount. Some of these lenses were later on developed into teh Am Topcor lesn series with teh Pentax K mount. Also you will foind that various co-producers brought later on some obvious “look alikes” on the market developed out form this last Topcor lens series.