The RE SUPER, Super D and RE 300 and RM 300 bodies were used for the development of medical cameraś most often design as registration camera for the Topcon TRC Retinal Camera System. Being in origin an specialistCure optical firm Topcon esthablished it self also on the optical market for eye care and for other medical optical instruments (operation microscopes). Most of these camera will have a mount that connect to one of the models of the Topcon TRC camera or Split lamps.
These camera have a fixed shutter time, and often a modified focusing screen and mirror. A series of specifiec magnifying viewers is also made for these cameras.

There a a number of series of these camera produced:
Topcon M (Re super body)
Topcon AM (Super D body)
Topcon AWM (Super D body)
Topcon MT (suggestive of a modified RM300 body)
Topcon MT10: this has been produced in the time that Topcon already ceased its camera production.

Topcon T: special release : registration camera for the American Phone Company (used with 25mm Re Auto Topcor wide angle lens with vasiline polarisation filter).

Most the M, AM, AMW, and MT of them found their application with the Topcon Fundus camera as the company was a prime producer on the eye care market.