Collection of UV Topcor mount lenses, the UV Topcor series, and HI Topcor series. For the first time referred to in 1961 with the Wink Mirror E, in 1963 the UV Topcor lens was developed towards an interchangeble lens for the Wink Mirror S. It’s mount continued to be used up to the Topcon New- IC one.

The following focal length were produced: 28mm, 35mm, various 53mm versions, 50mm (2 versions), 100mm,135mm (two versions), and 200mm.

In 1973 was the IC for short time provide with a standard UV Topcor lens, but was soon replaced with the new HI Topcor series:
In total 4 different Hi Topcor lenses were produced: a 50mm 1:2, a 50mm 1:2,8 , a 55mm 1:1,8 and a 87-205 Zoon lens.