Collection of Minion folding cameras produced between 1938 and 1948 by Tokyo Kogaku, mounted with Toko lenses (Minion I-II) or Simlar lenses (the post was Minion II).

Tokyo Kogakus second camera, after the Lord, matched the governmental quality standards. Hoeweve no governmental order seems to have been made.
It uncommon format (4×5 on 127 mm film) , caused already soon for a on route redesign of the film advancement and transport stop. Different models and version make it difficult to determine difference between model I and model II and different versions, but all have both a Seikosha light shutter. Next to the black version later on a “sporty” more expensive chrome version appeared on the market. The production stopped for a while during WWII. But after WWII the Minion III was taken into production having a more advanced Sheikosha Rapid shutter.
The Minion II with the Okaco Dabit shutter within this collection is an anomaly most likely this Waltax shutter is used to replace an Sheikosha Light.