Overview of different TLR models produced by Tokyo Optical Co. between 1950 and 1959.

Following the market wishes Topcon started with the production of Twin Lens Reflex Cameras in 1950. Various models were released often carrying a name choosen by the distributing compagny (Primoflex, Laurelflex, Fodorflex, Sawners Mark). The compagnies own models for export were called Topcoflex. The TRL camera developed from a plain and simple Rolleiflex imitation and developed later on into a semiprofessional Topcoflex automat. The Baby TLR Primo JR was the last TLR camera to be developed folling up the mid fifties trend of mini-cameras. The Primo JR was later offered free with the purchuse of a Topcon R SRL.

The used 7,5 cm lens was highly estimated in which a development is seen by which the Toko lens in the first models gradually was replaced by Simlar (Primoflex II) and Topcor lenses.