Auto Topcor and auto Topcor autokino lenses (1957-1960) and the R Topcor lens series (1957 -1967).

The Auto Topcor Lens series: These lenses were made for the Topcon R system camera, and have all an Exakta compatible mount. The Auto Topcor series was the standard lens series with “automatic” diaphragm closure and consisted out of a wide-angle 35mm a standard 5,8cm and a highly admired 10cm portrait lens. Two versions exist : an early version with a diaphragm lever on the left hand side, and a newer “autokino” version where this lever is replace by a smaller lever on the right hand side of the lens.

The R Topcor lenses were produced between 1957 and 1968 and consisted out of the additional focal lengths of 9cm , 13,5 cm , 20cm and 30cm. To this serie also belonged a very fast 30cm 2,8 lens which by its weight and largeness begot the name “fat bertha” referring to the huge WWI German Howitzer Big or Fat Bertha. This lens was another unique first timer as it took other companies years to follow this up with an equivalent fast tele-lens. The R Topcor lenses do not have an automatic diaphragm function of the Auto Topcor, which cause them nowadays to be easily adoptable to other mount settings using a exacta adaptor.

All of these lenses are very well made and all have the specific Topcon characterization that became wider known with the RE auto Topcor lens series.