Collection of the later SRL models, intended follow up the RE-2 segment on the market, caring obvious features of the RE-2 and IC-1 auto. It was accompanied with a new series of RE Topcor (new) lenses. Although having some features of the IC-I, the camera is not particularity a standing Topcon design but more a typical camera of that age. As for the RE (new) Topcor although appreciated highly still for their optical quality, the firm seems to slightly reduce cost on their mechanical assembly.
Within these years Topcon more and more started to put the camera and lens production outside of its own factories. These cameraś are these for like the IC_1 to be considered as “not real Topcon”.
The Topcon RE200 was also sold under the name of Exakta EDX2 and Carena KS1 (1977) , the Topcon RE300 was also sold as the Exakta EDX3 and the Carena KS2. It could be traced that a firm like Chinon based it later models on these series and the Topcon RM300 with their Topcor AM pentax K mount.