Last produced Topcon system SRL, surprisingly with a pentax K-Mount. Like with the RE300 the autowinder was the central feature. Although it was the last camera Topcon issued on the market, it was system camera and a number of K-Mount accessory was developed with it.

As from 1973 part of the Topcon production took place within other firms, and like with the RE 200 and RE 300 this model (sometimes with with minor modification) was also released on the market by other firms was sold under the names of Quantaray Delta 2-RZ, Carena KSM1, Exakta KE4 ,Exakta KE5 and edixa cx 5. A curio in these later years is the Topcon 135EE (compact camera) which in fact was designed and produced by Hakings, and looks very simular to the Hakings C35.

These AM300 where alike the RM200 and RM300 not aimed at the high end of the market, Topcon clearly made compromises to the prospect of sales to a larger becoming consumer market. Some of it design features seem “uncommon Topcon like” cheap against the famous forerunners.

The last Topcon prototype: Topcon AM-1 was never sold but released in 1983 by Cima as Cimko LS-1 At this moment Topcon stoped producing cameras, after this it was only producing for Horseman: last Large Format lens series it would make: the LF Topcor serie. After which a some batches of these LF Topcor lenses were made for Caltar.