The documentary witch accompanied the collection consisted out of various books, test reports, various prospectus, adverts and brochures. And off course repair manuals and part list.
I did not include most of the user manuals in the sales of camera, unless mentioned in de advert these are not included with the camera’s.

Some of this is very revealing on the marketing strategy of Topcon in the past. Where ex an example advert are made before (or even without a item is taken into production like the Topcon Fish Eye, and the 1000mm Tele-lens. Also in shown that some product are kept for a long period in production (like the R Topcor lens series).

In de Dutch languages there are some brochures revealing the import of Leotax and Topcon in the fifties and Early sixties by the Foka/ Fodor company. These made special effort to put the Japanse branches on the Dutch market with the Japanese camera shows!