With the Wink Mirror series we witness the development from the PRII to the typical Topcon “brick” body design prior to the TTL Topcon UNI camera. The series appeared in 1960 with the Wink Miroor a model quite similar to the PR but with improved mirror reflex, in 1961 the Wink E Mirror / Beseler Topconette appeared on the market with build in light meter.

In 1963 the Wink S Mirrow S was introduced. It appeared next to the Topcon Re Super. It featured automatic exposure and interchangeable lenses, which became the UV Topcor lens series. And with this relatively cheap but good quality lens series a very characteristic (high contrast, sharp image) camera was on offer.
Later on Topcon would extened the accesory in order to make of the “am” amature camera of real “pro” (professional).