Released in 1960 as the younger economical brother of the Topcon R.

By this the compagny introduced a consumer SRL line on the market. This lens shutter SRL camera made like their older brother a simultaneous development, in both style and technology. Gradually the mirror and lensshutter mechanisch was devellopped further, in the coming models (Wink Mirror, Uni and Unirex). Seikosha/ Seiko provided for the shutters. The fixed lens was to become interchangeble (as from the Wink S Mirror) , and along the way a number of specific accessory was developed and produced.

The PR and PRII is a lens shutter SRL camara, today often found in very good operational shape. It had a fix lens but aux lenses were optanable for wide angle and tele purposes. In the US the Dejurr import company relased the PR II under it own name as the Dejurr Dekon” These camera have a Simlar lens in stead of a Topcor lens.