With the Topcor R Tokyo Kogaku aimed to manifest itself in 1957 on the high end of the SRL market. Within the design of the camera the fundamental choose was made to adopt the Exacta mount, which formed the bases of the later development of the Re-auto Topcor lenses with their own particular Topcon Exacta mount.

In 1959 the American import company Beseler started to import the Topcon R distributing them in the US as the Beseler B. Within the US it was particular the quality of the Topcor lenses that caused Topcons increasing popularity.

The Topcon R was gradually improved: first came a new series of “autokino lenses” making better the automatic diaphragm, later with the Topcon RII more changes were made adding a self timer, and improving the setting of the shutter time.

The Topcon R was Topcons first system SRL and it came with a whole line of Topcon R accessory and a complete line of lenses (R-Topcor). As gradually the 35mm SRL overtook the popularity of the Twin Lens Reflex camera, the Topcon R was on offer with a free Primo Jr. which was the 4×4 mini TLR Topcon produced around 1960.

The Topcon R set the standard for Tokyo Kogaku, it is a very wel made and durable and ergonomic camera. With its appearce the compagny fullfilled in a way its masterproof. The next two decades would shown the compagnies innovetory qualities.